Partners In Crime

A variety of interactive murder mysteries for corporate, private..and fundraising functions

"A Great Way To Kill An Evening"


      "For the past eleven years, Curtain Call has  been very fortunate to call Steppin' Out Entertainment/Partners  In Crime an arts partner. We have presented their terrific interactive  murder mysteries each year and have consistently sold them out - mostly
        with repeat customers who've enjoyed
        the experience."

- Lou Ursone, Executive Director, Curtain Call 

Upcoming Mystery Events


Sept.8 -  Adam's Mill Manchester, Ct

Sept.29- Pancreatic Cancer Fundraiser

Oct. 20- Curtain Call Stamford, Ct

Oct. 27- Adam's Mill Manchester, Ct

Nov. 17- Adam's Mill Manchester, Ct

Some of our most popular shows

Dead on Arrival


Poison Politics
Michael Anderson is running for  the US Senate and your  support at his Campaign dinner is requested. The  local construction Union may decide to back him tonight, if he has all  the right answers.  

Sigma Delta Die
A Reunion! Old frat buddies and sorority  sisters, and that great do-wop trio, wait weren't they a quartet?  Dance  to the live vocals of the LP's  

Ghost Of A Chance
Mrs. Madeleine Middleton of Middleton  Manor invites you to a seance. The famous psychic Madame Renee DuChamp  will atempt to call back the spirit of Madeleine's dear departed  husband, to find out why he took his own life.  Or did he? 

Concert pianist Isaiah Perlmutter's tour  is winding down.  It's been a long six months especially with "The Diva"  on tour with him.  Last stop Carneige Hall. Or perhaps tonights  performance will be his grand finale!